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If driving your car and it doesn’t feel right–perhaps it’s bouncing and swaying and needs constant steering corrections, then it’s high time you replace the suspension (shocks & struts) before you put yourself and others at risk of driving under unsafe conditions.

This is a replacement you have to make at least once or twice in your car’s lifetime. While your car’s model might have both struts and shocks other models might have just one. Also, positions are not always the same for all cars, for some the shock absorbers will be at the back and the struts will be at the front. No matter which you have, once you have driven your car for a while, you will ultimately have to replace these two integral parts of your vehicle.

Location of the Shocks and Struts in Your Vehicle

These two important parts of your vehicle will prevent grind and bump damage from occurring and they are also responsible for your smooth and exciting ride. They are located just behind your wheels with a rod at the center or with both a coil spring circling them and a rod in the middle.

Their Function and Significance

Can you imagine driving your car without struts or shocks? It would be quite and interesting drive! You might feel like you are riding a horse part of the time and driving a boat part of time. Why? Because your car gives you the exact same bumpy or swaying feeling you get from riding a horse or a boat when there are no struts or shocks in it. In essence, these two parts of your vehicle work as shock and jolt absorbers, taking away the impact of rough terrain or potholes, so that your ride can be smooth.

You have probably heard people complaining about or discussing the “suspension” in their cars and wondered what in the world they were referring to. Struts and shocks are what they are talking about, they are what constitute your “suspension”. Their function is to help stabilize your ride and provide you riding comfort.

Signs That You Need to Have a Change of Shocks or Struts

Even though this isn’t a frequently occurring experience, it is not difficult to recognize the signs that there’s something wrong with your shocks & struts when it does occur.

Suspension Strut Replacement Guide

These are additional signs to watch out for:

* Whenever you’re driving, your car keeps bouncing.
* Your car pulls a little bit forward when you brake.
* Speeding up your car makes the rear take a downward dive.
* Your vehicle moves from side to side.
* When you turn your car, it doesn’t feel as perfect as it used to.

When any of these happens, it means there’s something wrong with your shocks or struts and unlike a tune-up or oil change, there’s no mileage estimate for this. The kind of terrain you drive on and your manner of driving contribute to the failure of these parts but it’s likely to last till about 30,000-50,000 miles if your shocks & struts are healthy ones. Although, it rarely occurs, your shocks & struts might start leaking suddenly and when this happens, it calls for urgent replacement.

Reasons Why You Should Give This Your Attention

It is very easy and common to turn a blind eye to this problem or to keep postponing it because your car hasn’t stopped taking you to wherever you want it to. However, ignoring this problem might lead to other costly problems like

* Wearing and efficiency of brakes.
* Wearing of tires.
* Car’s stability.
* The response manner of antilock brakes.
* Gas mileage.

Typical Front Wheel Drive || Suspension

Suspension Solution

As you can imagine, all of these problems can turn out to be not only dangerous, but they can also lead to a much bigger automobile repair invoice. This is exactly what you DON’T want of course.

Let Us Take Care of Your Suspension, Shocks & Struts

Autowerks of Plano makes getting your shocks & struts…like everything else…a very simple and easy process. We service the world’s finest automobiles at affordable rates, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mini Cooper, Lexus, Infinity, Acura, Honda, Toyota and more! Give Chad a call today to schedule an appointment at (214) 682-2080.

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