From Routine Maintenance to Challenging Repairs

The Autowerks of Plano service policy is simple: great automotive service from a skilled team that’s honest with our customers.

We offer the same excellent customer services whether you bring your car in for a routine oil change, or a more challenging repair. Every time, we will offer an honest estimate of the cost— both time and money- to service or repair your car. And, we’ll give you an honest opinion, based on years of experience and up-to-date training about the best solution to your car’s problem.

For instance, we’re not going to suggest you replace your fuel pump without performing a complete fuel system diagnostic evaluation.

In most modern vehicles factory level diagnostic tools are required because many of the functionalities, like the fuel system, are controlled by several, integrated, computerized parts. In many high end import vehicles the security system will cut power to the fuel system if it senses the car is being stolen or has been in an accident.

Honest, Dependable Auto Repair Services From Mechanics You Can Trust

We know the technology, and systems, of each make and model car we work on from a classic Porche, to new, top of the line BMWs.

But, no one knows your car like you do. That’s why, to begin, we focus on listening to your concerns. We’ll ask you questions like, “what did you see, hear and smell?” in order to help diagnose the problem. We’ll ask you if you’ve noticed any changes in acceleration, engine performance, gas mileage, fluid levels, handling or braking – all geared to get to the core of your vehicle’s issue quickly.

Brands we service include BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Infinity, Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Acura and Mini-Cooper.

Our shop is clean and open, so you’ll feel confident every time you visit, and not worry that your car is disappearing into a production dealership garage.

Our friendly team, from our service advisers and front office staff to our trained technicians, is here for you. We really have your best interests in mind. We will fix your current problem and will make recommendations about maintenance and repair to help you prevent unexpected breakdowns, maintain your vehicle’s warranty, improve your gas mileage and extend the life of your vehicle.



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