Customer Experience - Reviews

They deserve 6 Stars but there’s only 5! This is a collection of former BMW mechanics (among other brands) that have finally opened their own business! I met Chad when he was still working out of his house and he drove to the Interstate Battery (at their request) to “register” the battery. This is a process where he has to hook up a laptop and tell the cars computer there is a new battery so it knows to reduce the charge the alternator sends to the battery. For all repairs my car was under warranty at the time so I never really needed his services, but I kept his information.

I contacted Chad on Wednesday and told him the drivers door lock was on it’s way out and he gave me a quote over the phone, which was significantly lower than the stealerships. It had been a while since I talked with him but he remembered me, which shocked me because a few years had passed.

He told me he finally opened a shop. When I took our 328 in to replace lock (actuator), it finally died in their parking lot. I actually had to climb out of the car because the switch was completely dead. I met in the parking lot by Chris, who I presume is a partner with Chad. We had a good laugh about climbing out of the car. He showed me around their shop, which was top notch with up to date lifts and was extremely clean and set up. They showed me to the waiting room which was clean and had comfortable leatherette couches and TV.

Chris completed the repair and also advised me there was a major repair needed on the engine that is common with 328’s. He also pointed out other issues that needed attention.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with their attention to detail. As I was walking through the shop to look at some cars they had for sale, which is another venture they are involved with, I watched from a distance and saw him paying close attention to the detail of re-attaching the cover that goes under outer door cover. It’s good to see someone who is working on your car go to great lengths to treat your car like you would.

I will definitely bring my car back to them for repairs after seeing what I saw.

Thanks Chris and Chad