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Telling Signs That Your Brakes Need Attention

The safety of a car is undermined if its brakes are malfunctioning because a car cannot move endlessly, there must be a time when it has to stop and the brakes help it do so. This is why servicing your brakes shouldn’t be taken lightly. First though, before you can know when your brakes need repair work, you need to have an understanding of brake parts like the brakes, rotors & pads.

The brake system has various parts that move simultaneously when you step on the brakes and as a vehicle owner, you should know how they work. What your car’s brake rotor does is distribute heat to every part of the vehicle, which prevents the brakes from overheating while the brake pads create friction.

Signs That Show You Should Pay Your Mechanic a Visit

1. Brakes produce an incessant screeching sound or a squealing sound—this is very common.

2. The response of your vehicle brakes is slow or soft.

3. When you step on the brake pedal, the vehicle steers to one side.

4. If there’s a problem with the brake hydraulic system or the ABS anti-lock brakes, the brake light on the dashboard will give you a sign.

If your vehicle shows you any of these signs, you should take it to a mechanic that’s good at performing brake line repair and replacement; ABS diagnosis and repair; wheel cylinder replacement; bleeding, filling and adjusting brakes; parking brake service & repair; replacing master cylinders and brake hoses; rotor & drum resurfacing and caliper reconditioning and replacement.

Frequent Brake Care

To maintain low cost of repair and avoid any unpleasant road occurrences, you should include in your car repair schedule a regular brake repair. There are many telling signs that your brakes are malfunctioning and when any of the following happen, you would do well to take your car for inspection.

Brakes Grinding or Continuous Squealing

It is not normal for your car’s brake to be producing a screeching or grinding sound. Your brake pads need to be replaced urgently if that occurs. Your brake pads need to be replaced urgently if that occurs because brake pads that are completely worn out damage rotors and rotor replacement can be very expensive.

Car Vibrates While Braking

Brake screeching is a more critical issue compared to this but it doesn’t in any way make it an issue to neglect as it can also be annoying and risky. So if your brakes are working fine but you feel the brake pedal or steering wheel vibrating, it means the brakes need to be replaced as they are exhausted. You should contact your mechanic immediately.

Stepping on the brakes makes the vehicle pull to the side

This occurs mostly as a result of an issue with the steering, low levels of brake fluid, a mechanical issue or a hydraulic brake issue. Visit your mechanic immediately to solve this problem.

Brake Pedal is Soft

If the brake pedal feels stiff when you push on them while driving, then you need to bring your vehicle to autowerks immediately for repairs.

Brake Service: Replacing Your Brake Pads

It is natural for your brake pads to wear out because whenever you apply the brakes, there’s a friction between the brake pads and brake disks. This makes brake pad replacement a very common brake service. You should include in your car maintenance checklist an inspection of your brake pads. There might be a need for you to replace the brake pads if the thickness of the pad is less than ¼ inch.

With the right tools, you can replace the pads by yourself at home but the piston and the calipers can be heavy to handle. You would find the tools really handy when fixing the calipers and piston over the new thicker pads as this task can be very strenuous. Besides pad replacement, there are many other parts of the braking system that require inspection. As such, you should replace the pads only when they are cracked or worn thin.

Include a Brake Repair Appointment To Your Schedule Today

Most drivers don’t take the idea of caring for their car brakes seriously even though this is one part of the vehicle that is important for your safety. Stick to the maintenance schedule that your manufacturer recommends if you and your passengers want to enjoy a safe ride. This will also give you peace of mind as the mechanic attends to any brake issue that would put your safety at risk. To schedule a brake repair appointment call 214-682-2080.

Expert Brake Repair & Maintenance

The technicians at Autowerks of Plano perform a thorough inspection of every part of the brake system and carry out an honest job in fixing any issue they find. You can depend on them to do a good job whenever you consult them for their services.

Autowerks of Plano offers factory level service for European and Japanese Imports, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Lexus, Acura, Honda, Toyota and Nissan Infinity vehicles.

Call Us Today To Schedule a Brake Repair Service For Your Car

With transparent and honest technicians, you can depend on us for your next brake repair inspection as well as advice on saving money through regularly scheduled maintenance. Call Autowerks of Plano today to schedule your vehicles next repair service at 214-682-2080.

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