BMW Car Repair

Autowerks of Plano offers exceptional BMW SUV Repair to Plano, TX residents. We service the world’s finest automobiles at fair & competitive prices.

Autowerks of Plano is just as passionate about your Bimmer as you are, that’s why our repairs are efficient and timely to keep your Bimmer on the road and performing at its best! That is why we are the top dealer alternative for BMW Car Repair in the Plano area.


Some BMW’s recommend replacement of the vehicles spark plugs, whether it be 4, 6, 8, or 10 at this time (not all BMW’s have spark plugs replaced at 60,000 mile intervals). Along with the replacement of the vehicles spark plugs, BMW recommends replacement of the vehicles 4 oxygen sensors. This is not a mandatory service for these vehicles however. We would certainly check the running values to ensure they are not working properly before we would do the replacement. If the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission we would also perform an automatic transmission fluid service.


This means there is an emissions issue with your vehicles. This could be something minor, but there is a chance it could be something more. If you are experiencing a “Check Engine” light, or “Service Engine Soon” light, we highly recommend you have this checked out so it does not do any type of further damage to your vehicle. We have several state of the art computer systems that can accurately read and help us diagnose these “Check Engine” lights. Depending on what the problem is, this can be a time-consuming process. Sometimes it is an easy fix, but sometimes there are more entailed issues. Make sure you get your “Check Engine” light figured out sooner than later.


The phrase “tune-up” used to mean replacing the spark plugs, ignition wires, and distributor parts. Now there are other components involved with your vehicles ignition system that play a role in fuel economy and power. Our BMW Tune-up Service can make sure your vehicle is running top notch for you. We can check and analyze the condition of your ignition system and running characteristics of your vehicles engine and give you a professional opinion on how it is doing.


Ensuring your exhaust system is working properly is very important. There are several components to your exhaust system. If your exhaust is not working properly it can actually cause your “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” light to come on. If you are experiencing this it may be related to a component on your exhaust. We perform exhaust repairs with the inclusion of catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, resonators, and mufflers. We can perform weld work on your exhaust as well.


Most people who drive these vehicles are unaware of the impending issues with the vehicles VANOS system. The VANOS system is BMW’s variable valve timing  for the engine. This is a great feature to have on these cars, which allows for better performance, fuel economy, and power. Unfortunately, most people are actually not getting the full effect of this system due to a failure inside of the engine. After about 40,000 miles, the rubber seals inside the system wear out and don’t allow the system to work properly. Besian Systems offers an amazing solution to this problem as well as another with the VANOS units. We have been installing the upgraded 2-piece teflon seals since 2008 and have had nothing but great testimonials about them. We have seen increases in fuel economy, smoother running, and increased power. It is one of our most proud-to-offer services that we provide.


If your air conditioning system is not cooling as well as you would like or is not working at all, we can find out the root problem for you and fix it! We proudly offer the ability to service, repair, and recharge your vehicles A/C system. Not only can we recharge the systems, but we can also diagnose reasons for non-functioning A/C systems. We are able to add trace dye to the refrigerant and use UV lights to pinpoint where leaks are. We can determine why your system is not cooling to your liking and get it working correctly for you in the warmer weather. These services vary in pricing, depending on what the problem is, but usually an hours diagnosis is sufficient to find what the problem is.


We offer complete brake services, including replacement of brake pads, pad sensors, brake rotors and backing plates. We also clean and adjust all contact points on the calipers, lubricate the slide pins, and ensure there are no brake squeals or noises. We then perform the “break-in” process so everything is good to go for you when you pick up the vehicle.


Ensuring your vehicles alignment is critical! We offer FREE alignment checks on your vehicle to ensure proper tracking, steering, and tire wear. If your vehicles alignment is out of spec it can substantially increase your tire wear. We use the most state of the art HawkEye alignment system from Hunter Engineering to measure and adjust your vehicles alignment. Call 214-682-2080 to get your BMW alignment checked out FREE today!

Bimmer Lovers: We serve communities throughout North Texas including but not limited to Plano, Allen, Richardson, McKinney, Garland, Rockwall, Rowlett, Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, Lucas, Fairview, Lavon, New Hope, Frisco, Prosper, Celina, Melissa, Anna, Weston, Little Elm, The Colony, Van Alstyne, Howe and Sherman, TX.

Our facility is located in Plano, TX  which is one block south of 10th St. on J Pl.