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Common Car Air Conditioning System Repair Problems & Solutions

Without an air conditioner, it’s hard to stay comfortable inside your vehicle. As amazing as your vehicle may be, when the air conditioning system is not working it can get very frustrating very fast on a hot day. When they do fail, it’s best to bring it in immediately to the repair shop to get it looked at by a trained mechanic. If you are the DIY type you might want to take some time to find out the cause so you can know the best way to go about solving the issue. Here are a few of the common likely causes and solutions that you might find useful:

Weak Air Flow From Car’s Air Conditioner

There are various factors that could cause this; factors like deterioration of the evaporator blower house seals and core case seals, accumulation of leftover moisture forming a mold or mildew and obstructing the flow of air, loose air hose and damaged ventilation fan. You would have to tighten the hose and replace the ventilation fan while the other issues could be treated or taken care of when you perform a regular check-up and do a little cleaning.

The Air From The Car Air Conditioner Is Not Cold

A damaged component, o-ring, seal, or hose leading to a Freon leak is often the culprit behind this common issue, you have to change them. Other components that might have failed and would need replacements include clutch and blower motor, compressor, resistor, evaporator, condenser, blend door, control module, fuse and relay. Another thing you should check is the vacuum—there could be a leakage and also check to see if there’s anything that’s clogging the refrigerant charging hose.

The Air Coming Out of the Car’s Air Conditioner Is Hot

When instead of blowing cold air, the AC is blowing hot air, the problem could be electricity related, in which case you have to contact an electrician. Anyway, it often has to do with worn-out parts that need to be replaced like a refrigerant leak and a damaged compressor. If the compressor is the problem, then it calls for an immediate replacement because the AC cannot function without its compressor.

Car’s Air Conditioner Is Cold But Not Cold Enough

It is either your air conditioner needs to be recharged or there’s a Freon leakage in this case. You can recharge it yourself but it’s best to call a professional and you could use the charging machine to check whether there’s a Freon leakage. For the air conditioner to function properly and blow cold air, it requires a specific amount of gas. As such, you should refill the Freon gas. Also, a blend air door that’s stuck could also be the problem, a professional mechanic can help do the replacement.

The Car’s Air Conditioner Blows Both Cold and Warm Air Intermittently

Air from the AC flows to the car’s evaporator through the expansion valve, there would be an improper distribution of refrigerant when this valve is clogged. Cleaning it up will solve the problem. Another problem could arise from a faulty compressor clutch, there would be a poor maintenance of pressure when the clutch is not engaging with car’s compressor. In this case, the clutch has to be replaced. Also check to see if the presence of moisture is causing any leaks or damage, any leaks have to be fixed. Furthermore, a shortened fuse would hinder power from reaching other individual parts.

Recharging The Car’s Air Conditioner

This doesn’t take much time. First thing you should do is evaluate the overall air temperature, it only needs to be recharged when it is above 55 degrees. Second thing is to use a clean rag to wipe the low-side service port clean of dust. After that, open the cap covering the low-side service port so you can plug the charging hose. Add refrigerant to the car’s air conditioner and make sure the connection is secured. As the recharging takes place, periodically check there’s perfect pressure. Pull off the charging hose, replace the service port cap and reinstall once the charging is done.

Car Air Conditioner Not Working

In a case whereby your car’s air conditioner shows no sign of damage but stops working all of a sudden. You shouldn’t panic as it could be due to one of the above stated reasons. When you ascertain what the problem is, you can then figure out if it’s something that requires a professional assistance or something that you can fix by yourself.

Expert Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

The technicians at Autowerks of Plano perform a thorough inspection of every part of the air conditioning system including the air filter and carry out an honest job in fixing any issue they find. You can depend on them to do a good job whenever you consult them for their services.

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